What are the important meta tags for SEO that should be present in your article?

One of the most important steps in optimizing your site is working on meta tags. What are important meta tags in SEO? Why are they needed? Meta tags are parts of hypertext markup, which helps search engine crawlers understand what your site is about. 

Important meta tags for SEO

What query to show it in the output and what exactly to broadcast to the visitor in a search? Of course, the robots will meticulously handle every page and every line of text on the site. But the meta tags will be something like a business card, which the robot will look at first. That’s why work on the optimization in this vein should be carried out particularly carefully.

Meta Tags are a huge variety, but the most important in SEO optimization are three: title, description, keywords, and image alt.

Why do I need a title?

 important meta tags

He shows the title of the page. In fact, a direct user query in a search engine’s first line will pop out on this page. You can not neglect the optimization of the title meta tag.

Important meta tags for SEO

WordPress meta description without plugin

Let’s first break down what is a description. A description is a brief description of the page. It will be shown directly under the name of the site in extradition, in so-called snippets. As a rule, a tag description is a block of grammar-related, readable for the user information length of up to 160 characters.

Important meta tags for SEO

Its purpose – is to give a brief description of the page. Often, it is this description that leads target customers/users to the site. The title does not say much about much, but it is needed robots. But the description is very good at attracting people to the resource.

So you can highlight the key idea of your article and set it out in two sentences in the description. You can also find out what Surfer SEO is and how to use it.

Keywords important meta tags for SEO

Meta tag, which consists of keywords occurring on the page. It is used to show the most important keywords, i.e. essentially, we provide data about the semantic core. This makes it easier for the robots to understand where to target your site. On which crossover queries it should be shown in the output. And in which subject group to broadcast. If it’s above 70, that’s good. We will still be looking at the overall CEO score of the article.

This is just a small part of the meta tags which go to work in SEO. As you can see, without professional support from experienced webmasters is difficult to configure everything properly. Use the services of specialists and your site will be in a good position for extradition. 

 important meta tags

Image alt tags SEO

Alt in images is one of the attributes of the <img> tag in HTML. It sends text information about the image when the image itself is not displayed on the site. For example, the user has a weak Internet signal or a disabled display of images in the browser.

Important meta tags for SEO

It should not be confused with the name of the file.

Image alt text example of code with the Alt attribute filled in:

<img src=”/images/space.jpg” alt=«Space and universe”/>

There are a number of requirements for the Alt attribute. It must:

  • describe the image accurately, not in general terms
  • contain 3-5 words
  • include the object of the image
  • do not contain spam

Below are examples of how to fill in the Alt attribute to show what we are talking about in practice.

How to add meta tags in WordPress without plugin?

Completely copying without plugins is not possible.

You need to download the All in One Seo plugin. Which will help you adjust your actions and tell you if you cope with the optimization. The plugin is free and does not require large adjustments. WordPress meta tags can be added to the article on their own.

In fact, the main meta tag is a relevant keyword that you have chosen. It is what you will insert in all the meta tags that we listed above. And the plugin will tell you how to do it better.

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