Different types of websites

Different types of websites by functionality

The functional purpose of a website can be varied. According to Internet Live Stats at the time of this writing (October 2017), there are over 1 trillion…

Different types of websites

Different types of websites by method development

The world’s first website was created on August 6, 1991, by British scientist and inventor Tim Berners-Lee. It was a simple text website without any graphics that…

How to software copyright your blog site in 2024

How to software copyright your blog

Determine Ownership Who without a doubt owns the premium content on your internet site? The answer might also appear obvious. However, if you use pix or factors…

netflix social media strategy

Netflix original content strategy

Why Netflix Original Content Strategy Will Work in the Long Term For online streaming providers, the Netflix market segment material is king. Perhaps even Americans are consuming…

Monetize a Blog

How to Monetize a Blog without Ads?

Dream blogging is the location wherein humans percentage their expertise and wants to earn a little cash from blogging. Most bloggers use Adsense, Media.net, or other Ads…

content from duplicating

How do shield the content from duplicating?

Web crawlers value interesting writings and raise the list of items from those assets that contain special substances. Content from duplicating from another webpage is a bad…

Content material

How content material do make SEO Friendly articles?

A weblog is primarily based particularly on content. This is why content material is essential and you should make search engine optimization friendly, informative, and specific content….

Behavioral factors

Behavioral factors of site ranking in search engine

        No matter how complex algorithms search engines use to distinguish a “good” site from a “bad” one. They do not know how to…

What is blogging

What is blogging and how to start a blog in 2024?

In 2022, most people have their own blog on social media or Google. What is blogging? This can be a description of your personal life, educational, business…

search engine

How do search engine like Google and other Internet search engines work?

Search engines have two main functions: to index sites and give users answers to queries In this article, we will tell you how search engine placement and…