Where does Web site development begin?

 site Development

List of tasks for quality web site developing

If we discard the least important details, then the whole work site development will look like this:

  • Acquaintance with the requirements of the customer and free market analysis to create the most effective concept – visualization, marketing strategy, style, etc.
  • The choice of “engine” – a content management system, the cost of which can reach up to 50-80 thousand rubles, and sometimes even more.
  • Design and usability – layout, creation of a working prototype, and layout of the site – always taking into account cross-platform and the principle of mobile-friendly (correct display of content on mobile devices). It’s not enough to know three filters in Photoshop here – you need deep knowledge of both graphic editors, HTML with CSS, the concept of UX / UI design, and all sorts of newfangled trends, tools, and “chips” like Bootstrap, Material Design and much more.
  • Programming – customizing CMS for specific requirements and needs of the customer, connecting or writing new modules and widgets from scratch. Such work may require the involvement of not one, but several programmers.
  • Copywriting is writing unique, competent, and interesting text premium content for visitors. Why can’t it be done? Search engines will never raise a site with stolen articles, illiterate, “watery”, irrelevant materials to the top of queries. Algorithms become more efficient every year. Now they can easily determine how high quality the texts are,and how they reveal the topic – and a competent text is an essential and essential condition for the successful promotion and development of each site.
  • Tests are carried out at each stage, and then – when working on launching into the Network and further supporting the finished resource. Each element needs to be tested and checked for quality and relevance – from the smallest icon to the speed of databases, from stability under high loads to vulnerability to ill-wishers.
  • Choosing the right hosting is another expense, as is paying for a domain name. It is important to choose a good hoster, otherwise, there may be many inconveniences that prevent the effective development of your business. It is worth noting that often reputable web developers offer their client’s dedicated servers or ultra-reliable VPS / VDS -solutions that host the resources they create – and often hosting and a domain name are provided as a gift.
  • If you think that any of the items is less important or not required at all, sad news for you. Such a site “will not fly”, even if you invest in contextual advertising.

Where does the web site development begin?

A web site development is a concept, an idea. It is necessary to determine the structure, appearance, and features. In both cases, there is a huge amount of garbage left for the admins. Until it is removed, the position of the site will remain low. Not all such shortcomings can be found through Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and other developer tools.

Another eternal trouble is the lack of a preparation stage, studying the target audience. Before you start site developing a new resource, you need to prepare the ground. Look at the resources owned by competing companies. Experienced developers should take the time to take them apart and determine what exactly brings success.

Who will spend long hours of working time on this process if the team receives several thousand rubles for all the work? Most likely, several options will be viewed, and according to the results, you will get “we blinded him from what was.”

Time is the most valuable resource. If it doesn’t pay adequately, don’t expect web designers and other professionals to jump into the loophole to create the site of your dreams that can bring in millions. They are interested in quickly handing over orders and taking new ones. You can also find out more information about web site development begins.

Functional prototyping

What do you see when you visit any web resource? Except for animated pictures, this is a drawing. It has separate elements placed on grid – blocks. During site development, the designer is engaged in prototyping. He draws a sketch – a diagram of the future page.

site Development

This can be done on paper or in a graphics editor. The second option is more convenient because it can be easily edited, and the results can be sent to the client by e-mail for editing.

It’s like a movie script, a computer game. What will be the site where each element is located? If the site is multi-page, then such mini-presentations need to be drawn for each screen that the client wants to see. Again, it all comes down to time.

Most often, the performer assembles a template on a ready-made engine, quickly edits it to the needs of a particular customer, and shows the result.

Exclusive design

It rests on three “U” – versatility, convenience, and recognition. Your site should be different from the competitor’s page, this is logical. But it is important to ensure that it stands out against the background, and has some kind of “zest” that is remembered at first sight.

A convenient site is one on which the user immediately sees where the menu items of interest are located. No less important is the design of the order button, and its location.

Versatility is defined by the ability to look equally good on any device, be it a tablet, a desktop PC, or a 4” smartphone screen. Nice, it’s not always convenient and efficient.

If we are talking about a company, then the corporate identity is necessarily used in the design. Customization of interfaces may take more time than originally planned, as it depends on the features of the chosen engine. If it was written from scratch to suit your needs, the task is simplified.

Information content material

To make the texts on the site logical, the performer must work closely with the customer, immerse himself in the features of his business, and get to know the team. If it is longer and more complicated than you would like, you need to provide him with the descriptions that the copywriter uses in his work.

 site Development

A budget performer will not delve into your history, or be interested in goals, or mission. It will create a simple text template for each section, depersonalizing the company and turning the site into one of the millions of twins that come and go on the web each year.

An experienced specialist understands that any data can be read by someone. It is sad if this someone turns out to be a potential partner or wholesale customer. Seeing a hastily assembled page filled with meaningless texts, he will get the wrong impression.

Equally important is uniqueness. To achieve it, you need to entrust the copywriter with the creation of feature articles and texts for the main sections. Because stolen from other sites, they will steadily pull your resource to the “bottom” of search results.

Equally important are catchy headlines and phrases. Writing them is no easier than writing full-fledged articles. Think about why some articles attract you with just the title, while others do not arouse interest at all. All this is the author’s talent, the ability to present the material in such a way that one would like to read it. It doesn’t matter at all what will be written about next – about mining excavators, a remedy for a headache, or a new collection of designer slippers.

Having studied the prices of writing commercial texts, you will see that quality work costs at least $ 3-5 for every thousand characters without spaces. We multiply this by the required volume, we get the cost of copywriting in the initial stage. Updating and systematically adding information (which is also a mandatory item of expenditure) will also cost money.

A good copywriter avoids cliches, knows how to interest the reader, operates with facts, and does not use deliberately false information (unless you yourself gave him false data). And he is also able to independently determine the semantic core, work in accordance with the requirements of all search engines and use the most effective techniques for website and product promotion – AIDA, AIDAS, the Minto pyramid, LSI copywriting, and so on. In this article, you can read more about how content material does make SEO Friendly articles.

site development

Programming in site development

Many people know how to work with code, but not everyone succeeds in creating lightweight, fast-loading, and user-friendly pages. Often the performer is guided by the principle “if only it works.” To achieve the desired result, it is necessary that the company employs specialists in HTML, PHP, Java, Perl, and other client and server languages.

A well-written site does not create an excessive load on the server, has a minimum download speed, and is devoid of heavy elements. The last two nuances are important for mobile users using the Internet with payment for digital traffic.

Programmers are engaged in the creation of standard and individual modules. The former include forms and catalogs, and cabinets. They can “screw” a forum to the site for visitors to communicate. The second category includes CRM integration tools, calculators, and other technical tools.

An experienced specialist always thinks about the scalability of the project. After all, site traffic will grow, and business will develop. Therefore, it is necessary to implement such functionality that would work equally effectively in different conditions.

It is long, difficult, expensive, but extremely necessary. Otherwise, in the future, the amount of reprogramming work may be larger and more expensive than you imagined.

Promotion and support

This is scary and at the same time alluring word SEO. Most clients do not fully understand what it means and how much the services themselves cost. These are promotion technologies based on several principles. The first is the optimization of the site itself for the requirements of search engines. The second is external optimization, by buying links from authoritative resources working in your subject.

You need to pick up the keys, make up the semantic core of the site, write selling articles for the selected keywords, relink the pages, and ensure the visibility of each for proper indexing. These are just the minimum requirements in site development.

Throughout the life of the site, it needs staple technical support, which consists in fixing errors, filling content, protecting against hacker attacks, updating, adding the necessary modules, and integrating with various tools.

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