Surfer Seo group buy: detailed program description

Routine tasks take up a lot of time and effort every day for an SEO specialist. If you want to add another powerful weapon to your SEO arsenal, Surfer is a great ally in the fight for website rankings. You can check out the various options for Surfer Seo group buy. We at Inweb are no exception and have tested all the features of Surfer. In this guide, we will share our experience using Surfer SEO, a variety of SEO tools, and suggestions for Surfer work.

Surfer SEO group buy: Pro Monthly

You can also choose annual plans, where the Surfer SEO price will be much more profitable than a monthly payment. On the official website you can contact the support team, who will answer your questions. In the table below you can see Surfer SEO suggestions.

Surfer Seo group buy: program description in 2024

Surfer seo group buy: price

PlanPrice (per month)Features
ESSENTIAL$89Start for free, Write + optimize articles with Content Editor, Up to 30 articles, Keyword Research, Invite 2 team members, Compare all features
SCALE$129Start for free, Write + optimize articles with Content Editor, Up to 100 articles, Audit, Keyword Research, Invite 5 team members, Compare all features
SCALE AI$219Start for free, Write + optimize articles with Content Editor, Up to 100 articles, Generate ready-to-rank AI articles (Up to 10 AI articles), Audit, Keyword Research, Invite 5 team members, Personalized onboarding, Compare all features
ENTERPRISECustomContact Sales, Write + optimize a custom number of articles with Content Editor, Generate a custom number of ready-to-rank articles with AI, Audit, Keyword Research, Custom team size, Personalized onboarding, Priority support, SERP Analyzer, White Label, API

When you register and pay, you have access to your account. Where can you be data-driven and start your surfer work. You can independently familiarize yourself with the terms and prices of Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO review

Surfer SEO is a tool for SEO specialists, marketers, and content managers that helps to optimize textual content on a website: blog articles, landing page texts, etc. It analyzes page content according to search engine ranking factors and makes recommendations for its improvement.

The tool includes the following modules:

  • search engine results analyzer
  • content editor;
  • keyword phrase analysis.

The basic principle of working with Surfer is as follows: you work on creating textual content for a website page → use the service’s tools to analyze SERPs for your target main keyword → use the data obtained to optimize the content on your page.

Surfer Seo group buy

The trick is that the textual ranking factor is one of the leading ones in search engines. Therefore, if you borrow ideas from those who are ranked at the top of the search results and make it even better, it is likely that your website will soon be in the top for the required phrases. Now let’s move on to the main features.

Search engine results analyzer: detailed information about the first page of Google

SERP Analyzer is a tool that provides detailed keyword analytics based on search results. The service makes it possible to analyze a large number of search databases from different countries, up to the local search results of some cities or regions. The data is generated based on the top 50 Google results.

To conduct an analysis, you just need to enter a query in the search bar, select a search database of the search results type, and click “Create query”:

Next, you need to go to the generated report. In it, you will find comprehensive information on the analyzed keyword. In fact, this is an extremely narrow breakdown of search results for the analyzed phrase, where you will see.

External links

Links of any of the competitors and the ability to compare your website with competitors that you can select on this page. That is, on the left we have manual analysis, which helps to track the amount of content on the pages, titles, meta tag length, keyword density, and many other interesting things. However, if we scroll down the page, we can already see more sophisticated functionality that allows us to take an in-depth approach to optimization.

Surfer Seo group buy

Content score

A content score is a number from 1 to 100 that is an exemplary indicator and evaluates the quality and relevance of content.

Domain score

This is a number from 1 to 10 that reflects the quality of the website’s reference profile. The average number of external links to the resource is estimated.

Structural data

This is a very convenient and interesting option for viewing the code of headers, meta tags, hidden content, and other important elements of the text component.


The Keywords section shows us detailed information on key queries, top distinctive queries, common queries, question queries, popular words, the number of competitors in the ranking for a similar keyword, and the monthly search frequency for this query.


Next to the structural data, there is a functionality for displaying markup, which allows you to see which site has which markup implemented. Here, you can determine which markups are necessary for your website.

We can select any site and compare it with competitors, displaying the average amount of content on each of them on a general graph. This way, we will understand whether we need to add more content relative to our competitors (each website will be shown on the graph with the exact amount of content on its pages).


There is also a very useful functionality for viewing general links. Having familiarized ourselves with it, we can understand what resources our competitors are hosted on and take a similar step towards building up the link mass. Here you can also analyze the donor for traffic, referring domains, and the number of competitors that were hosted by a particular donor.


Perhaps the site audit functionality is the key to the SERP Analyzer section.

After performing this audit, we can see what optimization recommendations Surfer SEO gives us and what errors it points out. Surfer has found 5 errors and 3 warnings, let’s take a look at them.


Missing common backlinks

Here, the surfer indicates that there are at least two domains where at least three of our competitors were hosted. The crawler recommends that we also place ourselves on the two presented donors. You can also find out what you need to become a copywriter.

True Destiny

Here we see recommendations for adding phrases/keywords that will help us rank better for certain queries. There is a graph showing the relevance of adding a keyword. It shows the most relevant keyword phrases in percentage terms that need to be added to our content.

It is recommended to correct exactly those keywords that are above 50% in the relevance column. After two weeks, it is recommended to re-audit the site and analyze the changes.

Exact keywords

Frequent keywords or keyword density. With this functionality, we can see how much of the total amount of content is accounted for by a certain number of keywords. If there are a few keywords, it is recommended to add them to increase the density of key phrases. A similar density analysis is applied to our competitors. It shows the density (or lack thereof) of key phrases on our pages, and on the pages of competitors, and gives recommendations on how to fill the content with missing keys. We see which key phrases are mentioned more often in the content of competitors than we do.

Partial keywords

Partial keywords functionality shows the number of keywords per 100 characters of text and offers content recommendations, for example: “Your web page has 2 partial keywords in the h1, but no exact phrase.”


And finally, tips. At the end of the audit, we see a number of small tips for optimizing our competitors’ content that Surfer considers necessary to correct. In our example, the following tips are present.

This is the end of the Surfer SEO audit. After the analysis, we understand what weaknesses of our website need to be eliminated, how we can increase traffic, and what recommendations are key to technical optimization of the site.

In general, you won’t find some of the data and depth of analysis that Surfer provides in alternative SEO tools. For example, you can see the actual number of words in the body of pages that are in different positions in the SERP:

Surfer Seo group buy
The length of Title and Description

In general, the service provides a lot of interesting data that can help you SEO your content. How to use it is up to each optimizer to decide for themselves. And here’s why.

Let’s say you enter a keyword for which your new article should be ranked. The surfer gives you a carload of data about how long your competitors’ titles and descriptions are, how many characters they have in their H1 headings. This is all amazing, of course. But does this mean you should follow these guidelines against your strategy or common sense? Of course not. Every SEO strategy is unique and copying competitors is a bad idea. You just need to take into account the recommendations of the service and the tricks of the competition. But act according to how you want to promote your product or service.

Content editor: LSI Keyword Finder

The Surfer content editor is an excellent tool for copywriters to help outline the structure (outline) of an article and write search-engine-optimized content.

With the help of the content editor, we can write an article based on the structure of similar ones that are on the first page of search results for our query. We can look at the relevance of the content and see the most relevant articles for this query. The most important thing is to choose the most relevant sites for the query.

Also, you can immediately go to the editor for writing an article, which will show recommendations for writing an article on the analyzed pages, namely

  • content structure
  • number of headings;
  • recommended paragraphs;
  • number of images;
  • what questions should our article answer;
  • other relevant queries.

This functionality also analyzes the content structure of the first page results and includes the number of words, images, and the average number of paragraphs. In general, working with the content editor is quite simple. The tool shows you the exact LSI keywords and their numbers that you should definitely use when writing content.

With all the information we receive, we can draw up a full-fledged technical task for writing content and immediately send a link to a copywriter. It will contain all the keywords that need to be used. This will make it easier for the copywriter to navigate.

Surfer AI tools

Natural language processing by artificial intelligence in 10 languages (English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, and Portuguese). Artificial intelligence will help you write an article within 5–15 minutes.

Keyword research: find new keywords and overlooked ones

The last of the main sections of Surfer SEO is Keyword research. Its functionality is quite simple and understandable to everyone. You need to enter a keyword and you will see a list of related keywords along with the search volume. The keyword research function helps in the selection of keywords to SEO our page.

Thanks to the keyword research functionality, we can find the most relevant keywords for page optimization, find lost keywords and proceed with optimization based on them. By entering our keyword in the search box, we will see

  • provided keywords;
  • related keywords;
  • choosing the main keyword for your content;
  • similarity of the keywords to the search results;
  • average monthly search volume in a particular country.

Let’s pay a little attention to the “Keyword similarity with search results” column, also known as “SERP Similarity”. Here, Surfer SEO uses reverse engineering tactics to check the similarity between search results and your keyword.

Here, you can also check the relevant terms and questions that contain our keyword:

Similar Keywords. The name is self-explanatory. We are provided with a list of similar keywords and synonyms that we should use to SEO our content.

Having the same terms. Here, we can get information about which keywords contain our main phrase and the volume of their search.

Questions. The question section works in a similar way. It provides a list of frequently asked questions on Google that are closely related to our query. Such questions can be included in the outline plan for writing content for the category pages of an online store or blog articles to answer the user’s request as holistically as possible and help your visitors. And also to increase the chances of your page’s FAQ page markup appearing in search results.


Recently, a new program appeared: Auto-optimize. Where can you use Surfer SEO services? When choosing this program, Surfer independently checks your text for semantic meaning and corrects it if the text does not coincide with the main keywords and with H1. If you are not satisfied with the changed text, you can refuse the changes without saving them.


Surferseo is an easy-to-use but deep analytical tool. A lot of unique and really useful functionality will not let you get bored. We understand exactly what we need to do and how to approach the optimization of our pages. The most interesting thing is that its ease of use can help even novice optimizers who have not yet fully grasped the specifics and subtleties of SEO. Surfer will undoubtedly help you take top positions in the search results if you listen to and use its recommendations.

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